RC Pro Importers


We are able to source products by engaging with suppliers on your behalf.


As a trusted and licensed importer, we make the products available to you.


Distribution available nationally through our partner network, be it to businesses or individuals. 

What We Do

We source niche products that are not easily acquirable in the country and through building a relationship with the supplier, we import and distribute the products to both businesses and individuals.

Looking for a specific product? Let us do the hard work for you. We will engage with our partner network in order to assist with both sourcing and importation of goods.
We’re here to help! 

About Us

RC Pro Importers (Pty) Ltd works as a strategic partner in the importation of specialized products. By aligning with Trusted Global Partners, RC Pro Importers is able to provide a truly unique product offering.

Through a thorough approach to business and aligning with current regulatory requirements and framework, RC Pro Importers is the trusted licensed Importer of choice for any client!

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